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ML-L2 is a specialized automatic dual cylinders hot mounting press for metallographic specimen preparation, featuring high stability, a touch screen interface, and 99 memory modes. The dual cylinders design of this hot mounting press allows for simultaneous preparation of up to four samples, doubling the production output and significantly improving the efficiency of the metallographic specimen preparation process, making it more efficient and convenient.

Users have the freedom to adjust supplementary pressure, heating temperature, cooling temperature, heating time, and cooling time based on sample materials, mounting resin types, preparation requirements, and metallographic inspection demands to ensure the quality of sample preparation. ML-L2 provides strong support for laboratories and production lines involved in metallographic speicmen preparation, material analysis, hardness testing, and other related experiments.



※Mobiles and tablets can be slid left and right.


Dual-Cylinder Design

The ML-L2 mounting press is distinguished by its dual-cylinder design, allowing for the simultaneous mounting of the same size samples or different sizes samples. Applied with a spacer (option), it can mount four samples at once, greatly enhancing mounting efficiency.

HMI Interface

Compensating pressure, heating temperature, cooling temperature, heating time and cooling time can be set.



Easy Operation

One button starts the machine with the function of auto pressure adding, auto heating, and auto cooling, which is easy to be operated by any users.


Adjustable Compensating Pressure

High-temperature resistance but without high-pressure resistance samples can be prepared through a customized program. It increases the flexibility of the preparation.


Cooling Temperature Setting

The cooling temperature can be set from 10°C to 100°C according to the requirement. Samples can be taken out earlier than the normal parameter setting. Applied with pre-heat mode, preparation time can be greatly shortened.


Inner Cylinder Kit Set (Option)

With different selections of inner cylinder kits for outer cylinder size of Ø40mm or Ø50mm, that can fulfill the needs of different mounting sizes. The inner cylinder adopts rapidly replacement design.




Filter Set

Effectively filter the minerals and impurities in the water, which keeps the water path smooth and prolongs the lifespan of the water valve.


Electric heating device and hydraulic design

An electric heating device can increase the temperature quickly and stably, while  a hydraulic pressure compensation design ensures stability as well.


Memory Mode

30 sets memory mode can memorize different parameters, which is easy for the users to opt for.  Memory mode quantity can be also customized.



Acrylic Powder

Besides the bakelite powder, the acrylic powder can be also used. The acrylic powder can be applied for producing a highly transparent specimen with good edge retention.




Lower Ram with Chamfering Design

A chamfering design can avoid the waste of the damage of SiC paper or polishing cloth during the grinding and polishing process.


Special Bracket for Handle

Quickly-released design for the handle, which can be put on the special bracket. This will increase space efficiency.



Spacer (option)

With an additional spacer, the user can mount two specimens at the same time, greatly reducing the sample preparation time.







 Sample Size (mm)









 Sample Quantity

1~4pcs/ per time (Opt for one to two spacers for 3 or 4pcs)

Spacer (Option)

Ø25 (ML25H0219A)

Ø25.4 (ML25.4H0219A)

Ø30 (ML30H0219A)

Ø31.75 (ML31.75H0219A)

Ø32 (ML32H0219A)


Ø40 (ML40H0219A)

Ø50 (ML50H0219A)

 Noise Level (dB)



 Heating Power (W)



 Total Power (W)



 Temperature (°C)

50~250 (Special temperature requirements can be customized)

 Cooling Temperature 

 Adjusting Range (°C)


 Pressure (kg/cm2)

50~350 (711~4978 psi/ 49~343 Bar)

For a dia. 50mm cylinder, the pressure can be set to 50~250kg/cm2

The mounting powder will also affect the max. pressure.

 Heating Time (s)

1~ 3600 (60min)

 Cooling Time (s)

1~1800 (30min)

 Memory Mode (sets)


(Parameter setting: pressure compensation, heating temperature, heating time, cooling temperature and cooling time)

 Machine Dimension

 WxDxH (mm)


 Machine Weight (kg)



 Inlet and Outlet Pipe (mm)

10mm low pressure pipe (Inner diameter Ø10Outer diameter Ø15)

 Cooling Device

Connect to recirculating water for auto cooling

 Power Supply (V)

AC 220 1Ø


Sample Clip 1pc, Funnel 1pc, Spoon1pc, Mounting Powder 1kg (2.2lb),  Acrylic Powder 2kg (4.4lb), Filter 1set, Auto Connector 2pcs, Pipe Clip 6pcs, Self-tapping Screw 6pcs