Magnetic Disc/ Stainless Steel Disc

Brand:Magnetic Disc/ Stainless Steel Disc

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The magnetic pad is a type of magnetic carrier that can securely hold and maintain the stability of grinding consumables. It allows grinding papers, polishing cloths, and other consumables to firmly adhere to the plate, preventing material displacement or damage. This design ensures a more stable and reliable preparation process while also facilitating the replacement and adjustment of consumables.

On the other hand, the stainless steel disc is another type of magnetic carrier, but its distinctive feature is its ability to adhere polishing and grinding materials. This the stainless steel disc allows for the attachment of polishing cloths or other polishing materials, further enhancing its versatility and usefulness in metallographic specimen preparation.

The application of these magnetic pad and stainless steel discs bring greater flexibility and convenience to metallographic specimen preparation. Not only can the position and replacement of consumables be quickly adjusted, but it also makes the preparation process smoother and more time-efficient. Whether it is the preparation of a single sample or high-throughput preparation of multiple samples, these tools can easily handle the tasks at hand.


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