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※Mobiles and tablets can be slid left and right.


Application range: Electronic, Manufacturing

Suitable for carbon fiber, complex board, PCB, glass and other board samples


Design for variety of board samples

Applied for variety of spacious board samples, for examples of glass, PCB, carbon fiber and other board samples.


Pneumatic vise

Operation is easy. The sample can be fixed quickly and the clamping is stable. Greatly enhance the working efficiency.


Touch and multi-function panel

Intuitive panel and high recognition icon on the interface are easy to use. It also greatly lowers the operation time.


Spacious cutting platform

The cutting platform is spacious. The maximum clamping space is 600(W)x500(D)x17(H)mm.

The maximum cutting capacity is 300(W)x500(D)x17(H)mm. Vise can be customized according to the requirement.


Micro-adjustment device

The accuracy of horizontal movement can reach 0.01mm. The parallelism of the cutting surface after preparation can reach ±0.02mm. (The cutting accuracy depends on the material of the sample and the cut-off wheel). The cutting performance is reproducible.


Safety cover protection

Safety cover design with large acrylic windows for observation during operation. 


Adjustable rotational speed and feeding rate

The maximum rotational speed of the spindle can be adjusted to 2000 rpm. Applied with the proper feeding rate, variety of cutting requirements can be satisfied.




Max. Cutting Length (mm)


Motor Power (W)


Maximum Clamping Space WxDxH (mm)


Maximum Cutting Capacity WxDxH (mm)


Cut-Off Blade (mm)

Max. Ø178 (7”) x Ø25.4

Feeding Method

Auto, the front & back limit sensor can be manually adjusted

Feeding Rate (mm/min)

0~1500 (min.: 5)

Rotational Speed (rpm)

0~2000 (Effective rotational speed 150~2000)


Pneumatic vise

Cutting Platform Dimension WxD  (mm)

850 x 600

Coolant Pump

1/4 HP-1Ø

Coolant Capacity (L)


Coolant Tank Dimension WxDxH (mm)


Machine Dimension WxDxH (mm)

1505 x 1563 x 1478

Power Supply (V)

AC 220 1Ø

Standard Accessories

Wrench 2pcs, Coolant 3L