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CL50 is precision diamond saw that incorporates the gravity cutting system. With a max. cutting capacity of Ø50mm, CL50 is specifically designed for ceramic, plastic, aluminum, copper, iron, PCB,glass, carbon fiber board, and other small materials.


※Mobiles and tablets can be slid left and right.


Application range: research & education institution, electronic industry, and manufacturing industry

Suitable for ceramic, plastic, steel, cooper, iron, PCB boards, glass and carbon fiber composite


Anti-corrosive aluminum alloy body and stainless components


LCD touch screen displays parameters

The cutting parameters can be displayed on the high-definition LCD touch screen, which also features a zeroing function. The display accuracy is as high as 0.01mm.



Dressing System

Properly dressing the cut-off wheel can help extend its lifespan and maintain its sharpness. The dressing system can also be used during cutting.



Automatic stop cutting protection device

The device's flexible adjustment capability based on sample dimensions helps save cutting time.


Counterweight rock arm cutting

Loading pressure can be adjusted according to the sample materials, minimizing the deformation of delicate parts.



Horizontal movement system

The device is equipped with a horizontal movement micro-adjustment system that allows for manual serial cutting with a movement distance up to 40mm.


Spindle speed variation function

An effective spindle rotational speed from 150 to 2000rpm, allowing for adjustment of the suitable speed according to the materials. It is recommended to use a low rotational speed for cutting delicate parts such as glass and ceramic to minimize the risk of damage.


Low noise and low vibration

Suitable for use in research and educational institutions as well as laboratory applications.


Drop prevention platform

Easy to remove. It prevents samples from dropping after cutting.


Cutting platform (Option)

The cutting platform is suitable for cutting board-type samples or long-type samples such as glass or PCB boards.


Various Clamps for Choice (Option)

The device is designed with easy-to-replace clamps, allowing for flexibility in operation based on the dimensions, shapes, and features of the samples being cut. Users can choose the appropriate clamps to ensure the accurate cutting of the samples.



Model No.


Motor Power (w)


Cutting Ability (mm)

Max. Ø50

Cut-off Wheel

Ø5"~ Ø7 (Ø125mm~Ø175mm)

Idling Noise Level (dB)


Loading Pressure

Counterweight 0~700g

Cutting Method

Rock arm feeding system

Automatic stop cutting protection device

Rotational Speed (rpm)

150~2000 (Rotational speed can be customized)

Cutting Vise (Standard)

Long type vise kit

Horizontal Movement (mm)


Coolant Tank Capacity (ml)

1000 (Recirculating in coolant tank)

Machine Dimension (mm)

570 x 620 x 450

Machine Weight (kg)


Power Supply

AC 110V/220V 1Ø

Standard Accessories

coolant 1 Lstandard vise*1(Ø50)

Cutting Platform WxD (mm)

274 x 550  (Use with Ø7cut-off wheel)


Various vise, cutting table, cut-off wheel