Cold Mounting-MV SERIES

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As a high-capacity vacuum impregnation machine for metallographic specimen preparation, MV01 offers an efficient and reliable solution for handling samples of porous materials. It effectively reduces bubble formation, which is crucial in the metallographic preparation process, especially for porous materials. Air bubbles could lead to voids or uneven distribution of the mounting resin in the sample, affecting edge preservation and the accuracy of subsequent metallographic observations. This makes MV01 an essential equipment for metallographic specimen preparation in laboratories and production lines.

MV02, on the other hand, is a specialized compact cold vacuum impregnation machine for metallographic specimen preparation, catering to the needs of small-scale and flexible sample impregnation in laboratories. This machine provides rapidly and effectively evacuates air residues from porous samples, optimizing edge preservation. As a result, subsequent metallographic observations and analysis yield accurate and reliable results. MV02 demonstrates significant application value in the preparation of samples from porous materials, providing reliable support for laboratory research and testing work.


※Mobiles and tablets can be slid left and right.


Intuitive Operation Interface

Analogy pressure gauge precisely indicates the value of vacuum. The switches for operation are easy to understand. Emergency stop confirms the safety of machine operation.



Maximally decrease the bubbles around the samples

During the evacuation, the pressure will decrease, the bubbles will expand and go up. When the vacuum is released, the bubbles will burst under the different pressure from inside to outside. Maximally decrease the bubbles around the sample.


Embedding of  the porous samples

Maximally decrease the bubbles in the porous sample.  Improve the filling of the pores inside the sample and optimize the edge retention.


Optimize the edge retention

Let the epoxy fill the samples under the vacuum situation, the bubbles around the sample can be maximally decreased.  The epoxy can flow through the sample easily, without being blocked by air. Optimize the edge retention of the fragile samples.


Adjustable epoxy dispenser design

With the epoxy dispenser, the user can fill mounting cups at any speed and any position. Maximize the utility of the vacuum chamber.


Spacious vacuum chamber and multiple viewing windows (MV01)

A separable metal vacuum chamber design, with multiple viewing windows, not only considers the stability and operational efficiency but also confirms the convenience of cleaning and operation.


Transparent vacuum chamber design (MV02 )

Precision mounting resin filling with full perspective observation saves consumables and improves operational efficiency.









Max. Vacuum Pressure

-600 mm-Hg(-0.799 bar/-79.993 kpa/ -11.602 psi)

Can be customized between -350~-600 mm-Hg

Pump Motor Power (W)



Pump Dimension WxDxH (mm)



Pump Weight (kg)



Pump Flow (L/min)



Vacuum Chamber Size (mm)



Pressure Relief Method

Switch Control

Machine Dimension WxDxH (mm)



Machine Weight (kg)



Power Supply

AC 110/220V 1Ø


MV010212 Silicone foam strip 2pcs, High Flow  Epoxy set (Epoxy resin 950ml, hardener 20ml and mixer bag) 1set,  Vacuum pump 1set

HM090190 O-ring 2pcs, Acrylic observed cover 1pc, High Flow  Epoxy set (Epoxy resin 950ml, hardener 20ml and mixer bag) 1set,  Vacuum pump 1set




MV01 (Unit:mm)


MV02 (Unit:mm)