Epoxy Resin Set

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Epoxy resin is one of the common resins used in metallographic specimen preparation, especially suitable for preparing samples sensitive to pressure and high temperatures. This resin offers excellent pressure and high-temperature resistance, protecting the sample from external influences during the specimen preparation process.

When used with TOP TECH's metallographic vacuum impregnation machines, the epoxy resin easily fulfills various sample preparation requirements. The vacuum impregnation machines typically maintains a stable vacuum environment, allowing the epoxy resin to uniformly penetrate the sample's fine pores during preparation, preventing the formation of voids and ensuring sample integrity.

Using TOP TECH's metallographic vacuum impregnation machines in combination with epoxy resin not only ensures that samples remain undistorted under high temperatures and pressures but also provides high-quality samples for metallographic analysis. This preparation method is particularly suitable for materials requiring metallographic analysis in specific environments, such as alloy samples under high pressure or ceramics under high-temperature conditions.


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