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E-F is a manual single disc grinding and polishing machine designed for metallographic specimen preparation, capable of handling low-volume and flexible sample preparation needs in both laboratories and production lines. With the E-F machine, users can grind and polish sample surfaces to a mirror-like smoothness, enabling various applications such as metallographic microstructure observation, metallographic analysis, material analysis, and hardness testing of metal materials or other materials.

On the other hand, E-FR is a manual dual-disc grinding and polishing machine specifically designed for metallographic sample preparation. Its dualdisc operation feature allows simultaneous processing of two samples, further enhancing preparation efficiency.

 Metallographic grinding and polishing machine E-F and E-FR can accommodate samples of various sizes without being limited by dimensions. Both E-F and E-FR offer flexibility and convenience when dealing with different types and sizes of samples, satisfying diverse demands in metallographic processing work. They help users easily prepare samples and obtain accurate and clear test results.


※Mobiles and tablets can be slid left and right.



Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) body cover

FRP body cover design is easier for maintenance and endurable.


Platen speed and direction adjustable

Adjust the platen speed and rotational direction based on the sample materials.


Intuitive display design

Intuitive display design is easy to learn for operators.


High effective brushless motor

Low rotational speed and high torque ensure the precision of grinding/ polishing, and also has longer lifespan.


Multiple choices of platens are suitable for various consumables

Platen can be rapidly replaced. According to the feature of the consumables, such as PSA back SiC papers, plain back SiC papers, diamond discs, and polishing cloths, to apply with suitable platens.


Expand platen is for a wider size sample grinding/ polishing

Different from the restriction of 8” and 10” platens, platen size of Ø300mm (12”) increases the sample size for grinding or polishing.


Irregular shape sample grinding/ polishing

Manual operation without the restriction of sample’s shape.


Compatible with dispenser (Option)

Opting for a dispenser can distribute diamond suspension or aluminum suspension automatically.



Flexible operation with dual platens (E-FR)

Dual platens increase the efficiency of the application for platens. Grinding and polishing can be able to process at the same time.






 Platen Size (mm)

Ø304.8 (12")

Ø304.8 (12")

 Platen Quantity



 Grinding Method



 Noise Level (dB)



 Platen Motor Power (W)



 Platen Rotational Speed (rpm)

50~600  (Special rotational speed can be customized)

 Machine Dimension WxDxH (mm)



 Machine Weight (kg)



 Water Inlet Pipe Size (mm)

10mm pipes

(Inlet Ø10Outlet Ø15)

10mm pipes

(Inlet Ø10Outlet Ø15)

 Water Outlet Pipe Size (mm)

26mm pipes

(Inlet Ø26Outlet Ø30)

32mm pipes

(Inlet Ø32Outlet Ø36)

 Power Supply (V)

AC110/220 1Ø

AC110/220 1Ø


Grinding Platen 1pc, O-ring 1pc, Anti-Splash Cover 1pcs, Silicon Carbide Paper 8pcs, Polishing Cloth 2pcs, Aluminum Oxide Powder 100g, 500g Dispenser 1pc

Grinding Platen 1pc, O-ring 1pc, Polishing Platen 1pc, Anti-Splash Cover 2pcs, Silicon Carbide Paper 8pcs, Polishing Cloth 2pcs, Aluminum Oxide Powder 100g, PU Pipe 6m, 500g Dispenser 1pc


P20F0027 Dispenser Set- single bottle, P20F0028 Dispenser Set- four bottles, PA0108-3 8” Anti-Splash Cover (Standard), PA0108-4 10” Anti-Splash Cover (Standard)