Silicon Carbide Paper(SIC)

Brand:Silicon Carbide Paper(SIC)

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※Mobiles and tablets can be slid left and right.

文字方塊: Grinding paper selection
There are two types of SiC paper. One is ordinary SiC paper, and the other is water-resistant SiC paper. With the lubrication of water, water-resistant SiC paper can reduce grinding scratches, dust and make material surface more perfect.
There are various abrasive materials, such as white fused alumina, silicon carbide, brown fused alumina…and so on. The grinding papers generally used for metallographic are silicon carbide papers. Using SiC papers #240, #400, #600, #800 to grind the specimen gradually and orderly ensures that the specimen scratches can be removed. For soft metals, using finer SiC paper is required, before the subsequent polishing steps are implemented.