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M-P100M is a manual floor stand grinding belt machine designed for metallographic specimen preparation and also suitable for sample preparation needs in production lines. It features dual tracks for grinding belts, allowing users to simultaneously use two different grit sizes of grinding belts to grind two different samples, thus further enhancing the efficiency of sample preparation.

In addition, the machine is equipped with water valve switches and a recirculating water tank. The water valve switch controls the flow of water to help cool the samples and grinding tools during the grinding process, preventing overheating and damage. The recirculating water tank ensures the efficient use of water resources, allowing water to be recycled and further improving the energy efficiency of the machine.

With these features, M-P100M offers an efficient, flexible, and reliable solution for sample preparation, enabling users to handle metallographic processing tasks with ease while obtaining precise and clear testing results.


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Operating the dual grinding belts simultaneously, which enhances the efficiency of the process

Dual grinding belts can grind two different samples at the same time with different grits. It enhances the grinding efficiency.



Water valve and flow control device

Obtaining two individual water valves and flow control devices, the coolant flow or water flow can be adjusted separately.  Also, able to operate dry grinding and wet grinding  at the same time.



Built-in cycling coolant tank

It not only greatly saves the space, but keeps the appearance of the machine clean. 


High-efficiency brushless motor

The motor features with low speed, high torque, and a long lifespan.



LED display reads the rotational speed quickly

The rotational speed of the grinding belts can be adjusted according to the material of the sample. The rotational speed can also be read on the LED display.


Independent water switch

Dry grinding or wet grinding can be switched quickly.


Metal buttons

Metal buttons are featured a superior lifespan, good appearance, durability, high strength damage resistance, and good water-proof function.



Simple and convenient belt replacement

A simple belt replacement design makes the replacement process easy and fast.





Grinding Belt Size


Grinding Capacity (mm)


Grinding Belt Quantity (pcs)


Grinding & Polishing Mode

Dry/ Wet Grinding

Motor Power (W)


Rotational Speed (rpm)


Linear Velocity (m/min)


Coolant Tank Capacity (L)


Coolant Tank Dimension WxDxH (mm)

456x414x480(connector not included)

456x480x480 (connector included)

Coolant Tank Weight (kg)


Machine Dimension WxDxH (mm)


Machine Weight (kg)


Power Supply (V)

AC110/220 1Ø


Tool 1pc, Grinding Belt 2pcs


Aluminum Oxide Grinding Belt, Zirconium Oxide Grinding Belt, Vacuum Cleaner