Diamond Blade/ CBN Blade

Brand:Diamond Blade/ CBN Blade

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In metallographic specimen preparation, diamond cut-off wheels and CBN cut-off wheels are common and widely used cut-off wheels. Diamond cut-off wheels possess extremely high hardness, durability, and low deformation. Diamond cut-off wheels discs can be categorized into types such as metal-bonded, electroplated, and resin-bonded.

The hardness of CBN cut-off wheels is lower than that of diamond cut-off wheels, but they are comparable in terms of durability. Similar to diamond cut-off wheels, CBN cut-off wheels are also available in metal-bonded, electroplated, and resin-bonded types.


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文字方塊: Diamond cut-off wheel:
The hardest cut-off wheel with durable feature, includes metal bond, electroplating, and resin bond. It is applied to non-carbon materials and hard alloys, ceramics, composites, minerals, plastics, resin, PCB and so on.
CBN cut-off wheel:
The hardness is less than diamond cut-off wheel, but the durability is similar to the diamond cut-off wheel. It can be divided into metal bond, electroplating, and resin bond. It is applied to high hardness carbon steels, and alloy steels.