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M-P100WR is a manual grinding belt machine specially designed for metallographic processing, combining simplicity, convenience, a water cover, and an independent cleaning tank. This machine is not only suitable for sample preparation needs in production lines but also very easy to operate. It features dual tracks for grinding belts, allowing users to simultaneously use two different grit sizes of grinding belts to grind two different samples, significantly improving the efficiency of sample preparation.

Additionally, this machine can quickly switch between dry grinding and wet grinding modes, allowing users to choose according to their needs. Furthermore, it is equipped with a water cover and an independent cleaning tank, ensuring both the samples and the machine itself are well protected and cleaned during the grinding process.


※Mobiles and tablets can be slid left and right.


Dual belts are able to grind the samples simultaneously and increase the efficiency

Dual grinding belts can grind two different types of samples with two different grits at the same time. It increases the grinding efficiency.

LED display can quickly read the rotational speed

Adjust the rotational speed according to the material of the sample, also quickly read the speed through the LED display.



Independent cleaning sink

Equipped with an independent cleaning sink and a faucet cleaning device can clean the sample instantly after grinding. It is able to avoid contamination during the process.



Independent water switch

The switch can quickly change the grinding method, either the wet grinding method or the dry grinding method.



High effective brushless motor

Low rotational speed and high torque ensure the precision of grinding/ polishing, and also has a longer lifespan.


Water valve controlling device

Equipped with two water valves controlling devices can adjust the volume of cutting fluid or water separately. Also, if one side water valve is turned off, the operator can proceed with the wet grinding and the dry grinding at the same time.



Simple and convenient for belt replacement

A simple belt replacement design makes the replacement process easy and fast.






Multi-functional anti-splash cover

The stainless steel cover is easy and fast to hold. Dust collection function can be applied with vacuum cleaner for cleaning the debris after grinding.


Leveler rotating knob

Correct the level of the belt, also adjust the position of the belt to the center.






 Grinding Belt Size


 Grinding Capacity (mm)


 Grinding Belt Quantity (pcs)


 Grinding & Polishing Mode

Dry /Wet Grinding

 Noise Level (dB)


 Motor Power (W)


 Rotational Speed (rpm)


 Speed Display


 Linear Velocity (m/min)


 Machine Dimension WxDxH (mm)


 Machine Weight (kg)


 Water Inlet Pipe Size (mm)

10mm pipes (Inlet Ø10Outlet Ø15)

 Water Outlet Pipe Size (mm)

32mm pipes (Inlet Ø32Outlet Ø36)

 Power Supply (V)

AC110/220 1Ø


Tool 1pc, Aluminum Oxide Grinding Belt 2pcs


Aluminum Oxide Grinding Belt, Zirconium Oxide

Grinding Belt, Vacuum Cleaner