Magnetic System/ Grinding Platen/ Polishing Platen

Brand:Magnetic System/ Grinding Platen/ Polishing Platen

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TOP TECH provides a variety of metallographic specimen preparation discs, specifically designed to be used with TOP TECH’s metallographic grinding and polishing machines. These discs come in multiple types to meet different metallographic preparation requirements.

Firstly, there are metallographic grinding discs designed for securely holding sandpaper. These discs are robust and durable, ensuring stable and effective fixation of the sandpaper during the grinding process. They are suitable for grinding and polishing samples, ensuring the desired precision and surface smoothness.

Next, there are magnetic disc sets used with sandpaper or polishing cloths. These discs have magnetic properties, enabling a firm hold of the sandpaper or polishing cloth, making the polishing and grinding process more convenient and flexible. This facilitates the removal of surface scratches and defects, ensuring the sample surface achieve a smooth and even condition.

There are also metallographic polishing discs, specifically designed for metallographic specimen preparation. These discs have specific materials and structures to ensure control and stability during the polishing process on the sample surface. They are suitable for preparing metallographic samples, ensuring sample surface integrity and providing a high-quality foundation for subsequent metallographic analysis.


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