Cold Mounting Moulds

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We offer a wide range of specifications for cold mounting molds, allowing for selection based on the specific requirements of metallographic specimen preparation. Utilizing these cold mounting molds in conjunction with epoxy resin and TOP TEHC's vacuum impregnation machines easily meets the various specimen preparation needs.

Cold mounting molds play a vital role in metallographic specimen preparation as they encapsulate the sample with resin, creating a tight seal. This preparation method is suitable for samples sensitive to high temperatures and pressures, ensuring that the samples are not influenced by external conditions during the preparation process, thus maintaining their integrity.

When use epoxy resin with TOP TECH's metallographic vacuum impregnation machines, the cold mounting molds can achieve a stable vacuum environment, enabling the resin to uniformly penetrate the sample's fine pores, eliminating gaps, and ensuring the stability of the sample's shape and structure.


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