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The manual dual disc grinding and polishing machine (P20G-2) is a specialized machine for metallographic specimen preparation. It is designed to meet the needs of laboratories or production lines with small quantities of samples and flexible preparation requirements, capable of grinding and polishing the sample surface to a mirror-like smoothness. This provides a convenient and high-quality solution for metallographic structure observation, analysis, material analysis, hardness testing of metal or other materials, and other needs.

P20G-2 comes with adjustable rotational speed functionality, allowing users to flexibly adjust the speed of the grinding discs based on different sample characteristics and preparation requirements to achieve the best preparation results. This flexibility ensures the precision and controllability of the preparation process, enabling each sample to achieve an ideal grinding and polishing effect. Moreover, P20G-2 is specially equipped with a low-speed grinding function, allowing users to perform more delicate and refined preparation processes.


※Mobiles and tablets can be slid left and right.


Superior industrial material body


Exquisite Appearance

Streamline appearance design and glossy film surface finishing makes the mechanical appearance artistic and exquisite.


Modular design

The combined control box can be fixed behind the machine or be placed next to the machine with quick-change design, which is easy to clean and can maximize the space.


Platen speed and direction adjustable

Adjust the platen speed and rotational direction based on the sample materials.


Low speed grinding and polishing function

Rotational speed can be lowered to 10 rpm. With external dispenser (optional), it meets the requirement of long-time polishing process without deformation.


Various anti-splash application

Various anti-splash covers can be applied based on the method of polishing process.


Automatic drying function

The automatic drying function makes the cleaning process faster. Also, avoid the crossing contamination during the operating process.


Extracted water hose

Clean the machine conveniently


Various choices of platen

Platen size of 8” and 10”are suitable for any consumables application.






Platen Size (mm)

Ø203.2  (8”)

Ø254 (10”)

Platen Quantity


Grinding Method


Platen Motor Power (W)


Platen Rotational Speed (rpm)


(Effective Rotational Speed 10~600)

Machine Dimension

WxDxH (mm)


Machine Weight (kg) AC110V 1Ø



Machine Weight (kg) AC220V 1Ø



Standard Accessories

Grinding Platen 1pc, O-Ring 1pc, Polishing Platen 1pc, Anti-Splash Cover 2pcs, Silicon Carbide Paper 8 pcs, Polishing  Cloth 2pcs, Aluminum Oxide Powder 100g, Filter 1 set, 500g Dispenser 1 pc


P20F0027 Dispenser Set for One Bottle, P20F0028 Dispenser Set for Four Bottles, PA0108-1 8” Anti-Splash Cover (Manual), PA0108 10” Anti-Splash Cover (Manual), PA0108-3 8” Anti-Splash Cover (Auto), PA0108-4 10” Anti-Splash Cover (Auto)