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  • Brand:CLM50
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    Intuitive touched panel, easy operation

    Intuitive touched panel with high recognition graphics. It's easy to operate and saving time dramatically.


    Rotational speed

    The cut-off wheel speed can be up to 5000 rpm. This can easily satisfy all kinds of material cutting with precision parameter setting and cut-off wheel of Top Tech.


    The longitudinal movement (X-axis) can be up to 200mm with feeding cutting.

    The horizontal movement (Y-axis) can be up to 80 mm with serial cutting.

    The vertical movement (Z-axis) can be up to 50mm. With the height movement, the consumables can be saved according to the size of cut-off wheel.

    Serial cutting

    With optional horizontal movement set, slices equal thickness or different thickness is possible. Four slices of different thickness can be cut.



    Cutting chamber which is illuminated by powerful LED makes it easy to observe the cutting process.


    Laser alignment

    Machine is equipped with laser alignment. This will help user define the exact position during the operation.




    Intelligence cut

    The feed will adjust automatically to different thickness and hardness od materials. When motor is overloaded, the speed will reduce to appropriate value automatically. When the overload of motor reduces, the speed will return to the setting value.


    Memory mode

    A library of 10 different memory modes can be used with different materials and parameters.





    Vise travel

    200 mm

    Feeding rate (manual)

    0.015 mm/sec

    Feeding rate (automatic)

    0.015 mm/sec

    Spindle travel

    50 mm↑↓

    Motor power


    Cutting capacity

    φ50 mm

    Cut-off wheel (Dia.xArbor)

    φ3" φ8"

    (φ12.7 or φ31.75)


    φ40 & φ60 & φ80

    Cutting mode

    Home point return after cutting

    Overload protection

    Automatic deceleration when overload

    Rotational speed

    5005000 RPM

    Coolant capacity


    Dimension WxDxH (mm)

    850x850x600 mm

    Weight Kg

    166 Kg